Mike Benitez

Biography :


    Mike Benitez was in several great projects in 2019. Spring brought about the premiere of Tropical Cop Tales on Adult Swim in which he played Ronald the Ringman as a recurring Guest Star. The Summer delivered a commercial for LiUna where he starred in both the TV and the radio spots and also a Co-Starring role on Hulu’s new series Reprisal. The Fall and Winter arrived with two feature films where he acted in a Leading Supporting role in iMordecai starring  Judd Hirsch, Carol Kane and Sean Austin and the movie LeBlanc (the name might change) where he also played a Leading Supporting role as a shady criminal. LeBlanc will probably premiere on the Lifetime Network. This Spring you can see Mike in the film SUPERINTELLIGENCE starring Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale when it makes its premiere on the new streaming service HBO Max. 2020 is shaping up to be a busy one for Mike Benitez.

    Born in Matanzas, Cuba, Mike came to the US at the age of five. He grew up in Miami, FL and studied at  Florida State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre. He has worked as a professional  actor on Stage, TV and Film in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to name a few. He's also been cast in over 150 national, regional and international commercials and dozens of Theatrical Plays around the country.

    Mike Benitez believes that every time he steps on a set as an actor it’s a dream come true and a blessing from God. 


Mike Benitez