Mike Benitez

Biography :


    Mike Benitez had a busy 2017. He filmed a Supporting Lead role on the upcoming French film Belleville Cop. Belleville Cop is a

Tri-Language international film starring Luis Guzman and Omar Sy. It is directed by the acclaimed French director Rachid Bouchareb. It’s due out October 2018. Mike also went on to film a guest starring role on a Pilot for Adult Swim and also on an episode of the CBS Saturday morning series called The Inspectors. He also worked on an Indie film called Storm Cell during the summer. 

    The previous year was also a great year but was cut short because of illness but after a full recovery Mike was facing an onslaught of work and auditions and he’s now back to facing his career full on..

    Mike is still busy creating, writing and acting in videos for the Pulse Church of Miami located in Miami’s Tropical Park. The Pulse Church has allowed Mike to use his many talents to serve God in ways that he never thought was possible. 

    Born in Matanzas, Cuba, Mike came to the US at the age of five. He grew up in Miami, FL and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from Florida State University. He has worked as an actor on Stage, TV and Film in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Georgia and has been cast in over 100 national and regional commercials for the US, The Bahamas, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia and as far away as Kuwait to list a few.

   Mike Benitez believes that every time he steps on a set as an actor it’s a dream come true and a blessing from God  and he gives all the praise to God.


Mike Benitez