Mike Benitez

    Mike Benitez’s year has been very productive. He’s a recurring character on TBS’s #1 Comedy on Cable, Wrecked. He has the pleasure of playing the survivor Roger in several episodes. Also with TBS, Mike played the role of Carlos on their hit series The Detour. Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt also had an appearance by Mike as the Bus Driver on the Season Finale. He played the Bank Manager on Adam Sandler’s film The Do Over from the Happy Madison Production Company and director Steven Brill and had it’s  premiere as a Netflix Original this past Summer. Recently he filmed a couple of episodes on a new Web Series called Tycoon, directed by Louis Leterrier. Mike is anxiously awaiting the release of Down’s Revenge co-starring alongside John Savage on a chilling Independent film. He also worked on a short film called The Reunion where he stars as DJ Cool Fool which will premiere in December. This Fall Mike begins production on a new Web Series from See-Worthy Films and G-Star Studios called In Sanity, FL where he will be playing the role of Gully Smith, a series regular. All this and he is still busy creating, writing and acting in videos for The Pulse Church of Miami located at the Tropical Park. The Pulse Church has allowed Mike to use his many talents to serve God in ways that he never thought was possible.

    Born in Matanzas, Cuba Mike came to the US at the age of five. He grew up in Miami, FL and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from Florida State University. He has worked as an actor on Stage, TV and Film in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Georgia and has been cast in over 100 national and regional commercials for the US, The Bahamas, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia and as far away as Kuwait to list a few.

   Mike Benitez believes that every time he steps on a set as an actor it’s a dream coming true and a blessing from God and for that I thank the Lord every day.


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